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How do I address a remote VPN-router or IoT-device in Aperium?2021-03-22T11:28:42+00:00

You can easily use the Aperium wide private IP-VPN address space. This allows you to use reserved IP-subnets, as allocated for each VPN-router produced by Aperium. Each location and it’s IP-addresses are presented in the Aperium management portal where you can search by name or location-ID that corresponds to the particular IP-subnet.

Do you still need a fixed, public IP address, or portforwarding?2021-03-22T11:18:33+00:00

No, the Aperium VPN-tunnel works outbound, which means that is initiated from the LAN-side of the network. The Aperium router registers on the local netwerk with DHCP and creates the secured WAN-connection over the internet, preventing the usual portforwardings from public domain towards your IoT-network.

Is it possible to set up a VPN over multiple sites?2021-03-22T11:15:57+00:00

Yes, Aperium supports site-to-site and multisite configurations, which are easily set up in the management portal
For each location connected by an Aperium router, the VPN connections can be configured in both directions.

Can you use an Aperium VPN Router in an existing network?2021-03-17T10:09:35+00:00

Yes, the Aperium VPN Router is entirely configurable to be used in any network. If the network does not have an available DHCP server, the Aperium VPN Router can be configured to use a static WAN IP. If there’s a firewall present in the network,  UDP port 1194 and 36 will have to be opened. The Aperium VPN Router can even make use of it’s internal network translations to make a device in a private local network available in the secure VPN network.

What brands can i secure via the Aperium Platform?2021-02-09T13:08:25+00:00

The Aperium Platform is brand agnostic. So in essence you can secure all popular brands in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and many other IoT devices.

Is all the data that is send over the Aperium IOT VPN Network Encrypted?2021-02-09T13:09:52+00:00

Yes. All data send over the Aperium IOT VPN Platfrom is encrypted.

Can I apply my own namings?2021-03-31T16:35:14+00:00

Yes, the Aperium portal allows you to provide each VPN-site a particular name and description, including quick searching and filtering features.

Can you surf anonymous on the internet with the Aperium Platform2021-02-09T13:12:20+00:00

No. The Aperium IoT VPN Platform connect humans and devices like ip camera’s, IoT sensor and Access Control devices safely over the Internet. But there is no connection to the public Internet. So you can’t surf anonymous on the Internet. For this you need to use an VPN solution like OpenVPN.

What is the Price?2021-02-09T12:51:57+00:00

The Aperium IoT VPN Platform consists of the Aperium Box and the online Management Portal. You pay a one time fee for the Aperium Box, the Aperium Management Platform is free, and you pay a monthly fee, per year, for the Aperium VPN connection. You don’t pay for upgrades, updates or service and support.


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