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Is someone viewing your cameras?

Is someone viewing your cameras? Millions of security cameras are sold globally every year. However, very little of these cameras are truly “secure”. In early March hacktivists made their way into the servers of a company called Verkada, a security solution provider with multiple high-profile clients such as Tesla and Cloudflare. It is

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Aperium Platform Webinar

Learn in 30 Minutes all you need to know about the Aperium Platform. At Aperium we provide the  support to as many as possible companies and organisations securing their IoT network, with our leading VPN Platform. To do this, we are organizing several webinars which will provide all you need to know in

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Renew Aperium Platform ID’s

Renew Aperium Platform ID's. In recent weeks, the IDs of your VPN routers that were connected at the time have been renewed, unless you previously indicated that you do not want to. In that case, we request that you do this yourself as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

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Video Surveillance and VPN’s

Video Surveillance and VPN's. Being able to access security cameras remotely and securely has remained a big concern for business owners, administrators, homeowners, and managed network services providers. Security cameras are used for myriad reasons including home/office/facility protection, employee safety, monitoring business operations and deterring vandalism. Especially during our current global health crisis,

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What is a VPN?

What is a VPN? Many know the acronym VPN, the Virtual Private Network. But for many it is still a lot abracadabra. Below a short explanation of what a VPN is. When you ahev more question after reading this. And how you can secure your IoT Video Surveillance or Access Control IoT network, let us

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