Is someone viewing your cameras?

Millions of security cameras are sold globally every year. However, very little of these cameras are truly “secure”.

In early March hacktivists made their way into the servers of a company called Verkada, a security solution provider with multiple high-profile clients such as Tesla and Cloudflare. It is reported that feeds from prisons, psychiatric hospitals, clinics and Verkada’s own offices were accessed. Even high-profile companies struggle to secure their camera systems, with system breaches far more common than they should be. So how is a simple end-user meant to prevent a bored teenage hacker from viewing their security camera footage?

Of course, one can hire an IT expert to setup a complicated network structure including expensive firewalls and the like. Or make use of complicated passwords created by a sophisticated password generator.
After all, if you can’t remember your password, a hacker surely can’t either!
Unfortunately these and many other solutions are neither cheap nor easy to obtain.

The Aperium IOT VPN Platform is an all-in-one IOT VPN platform that allows you to easily and affordably make devices, like IP Cameras and IP Access Control Readers and complete networks, safely accessible via internet. It makes sure that all data sent over the internet is encrypted with the newest and safest encryption technology, preventing anyone else from deciphering it. It is as easy as plugging your Aperium VPN Router into your existing network and connecting your respective cameras. From here, it is up to you to decide who gets to access your security feed. Using the Aperium Management Portal, you can easily select who is able to access your secure VPN network and who isn’t.

Secure your feed now, get in contact with us and we will let you know how you can protect yourself against unwanted viewers.