Video Surveillance and VPN’s.

Being able to access security cameras remotely and securely has remained a big concern for business owners, administrators, homeowners, and managed network services providers. Security cameras are used for myriad reasons including home/office/facility protection, employee safety, monitoring business operations and deterring vandalism.

Especially during our current global health crisis, remote operations have become the ‘new normal’, as the outbreak has forced most businesses to telecommute (‘work from home’). No wonder more businesses than ever are turning to managed services solutions seeking easy, reliable and inexpensive ways to keep an eye on their business. And although there are many options to secure a Video Surveillance Networks VPN’s are the safest way to access security cameras remotely.

Using a VPN for your Video Surveillance Network offers many advantages and and a high level of security.

  • The cameras are located behind your firewall and router, which means they are inaccessible directly on the internet
  • They receive the same high-level protection from the corporate firewall, which blocks unauthorized connections.
  • With a VPN, you, a registered user connects to the cameras as though you were in office.
  • All that is required to connect to the router is a username, password and a pre-shared key or certificate (which provides an additional layer of security).
  • For an attacker to compromise your network, they would need to break through a much more sophisticated security system.

Do you want to know your, or your clients, can secure your Video Surveillance Network more secure than contact us and we will explain you how to do this.